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75-Year Harvard Study Reveals Us The Secret of Happiness

The Grant Study is one of the longest longitudinal studies aimed at human development, which was published in 2009. This project began in 1938 and was conducted over a period of 75 years. This research included studying the evolution of the 268 students at Harvard.

The main issues that were pursued by the researchers were the IQ level, the drinking habits, the family situation, penis size and many other details, in order to find out which are the factors that contribute to the happiness of people.

75-Year Harvard Study Reveals Us The Secret of Happiness

The study coordinator George Vaillant has published several conclusions that have resulted from this research. It was found that alcoholism is one of those diseases that have the greatest potential to destroy a human life. As a result, alcohol can be the main reason for divorce, it is closely linked to depression and neurosis. If accompanied by smoking, alcohol increases the risk of illness and even premature death.

Also, according to this study, it was shown that there is a difference in salariea between men with an IQ of 110-115 and those with an IQ over 150.

Happiness is not related to political orientation, but according to the study conservative men don’t have sex with their wives after the age of 68 years, while the old liberals are sexually active even at 80 years.

The essential thing for a happy life is a fulfilling relationship, full of harmony and warmth.

Men in the study who had a happy relationship also enjoyed professional success and had better wages compared to those who were not satisfied with their relationship.

Also, the relationship that a man has with his mother influences his entire life. And the relationship with his father matters because it reduces anxiety in adulthood and increases the degree of satisfaction.

Vaillant’s conclusion from this study is quite simple: “Happiness is love. Period.”

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