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7 Things that Drive a Man Crazy

2 Jan 2013 by admin

7 Things that Drive a Man Crazy 1

There’s more about women that men adore. If you thought that a man only wants to look at your breasts or at your derriere you were wrong ladies! They are much more sensitive than you thought.

Your smooth skin– although it may seem to you a totally insignificant detail, there is lots of men that recognize they love the feeling of softness when caressing their girlfriend/wife.

Your belly button is very attractive for him. For some women this might seem weird but for them is a special part of your body.

The back of your neck– studies show that men are fascinated by this body area and they simply love when you wear your hair caught in a ponytail.

Even though lots of women hide their arms because they don’t go to the gym very often, these represent a maximum point of interest for men.

It’s no surprise that when a woman wears a backless dress they capture every eye in the room, so you should know that your back is a fascinating area for him.

Many men are very attracted by women’s legs and especially by the thighs because they perform certain moves and are put into value by fancy skirts.

The clavicle emanates sensuality, femininity and drives a man crazy.

So, ladies it’s time to put your strengths out!