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7 Amazing Things about Cleopatra – Egypt’s Mysterious Queen

Known in the world as the most seductive and mysterious queen of Egypt, Cleopatra is a woman whose life and time are subject for the curiosity of many.  Up next, are 7 things that will give you an insight into the person that Cleopatra was.

7 Amazing Things about Cleopatra – Egypt’s Mysterious Queen 2

Her origin

Although everyone knows that Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt, many don’t even know that she was not from Egypt. She was Greek – Macedonian. However, unlike other leaders of Greece, she was familiar with the Egyptian language.  In fact, she could speak nine languages.

Her Lineage

Cleopatra’s full name was Cleopatra Thea Philopator VII. She was a descendant from the Ptolemaic Dynasty. One of her ancestors was Ptolemy I, a Greek general from the reign of Alexander the Great. Ptolemy became the Greek leader after Alexander’s death. In this way, Cleopatra became, later, the reigning queen.

Her Characteristics

Unlike the conventional perception that Cleopatra was a beautiful and seductive queen, historians says that she had a normal face with a hooked nose. It seems that she had masculine features.

Her Charm

Cleopatra was extremely appealing. She had charisma and was very smart. She possessed the talent of persuading people to do things the way she wanted.

Cleopatra and Julius Caesar

Cleopatra asked her soldiers to carry her to Julius Caesar’s room, when he was staying in the palace of Ptolemy. For this, she had to be rolled up in a carpet, seduced Caesar and convinced him to make her the queen of Egypt, overthrowing the existing rule. She was 21 years old and Caesar was a man of 52 years.

Cleopatra and Mark Antony

After Caesar’s death, Cleopatra met Mark Antony. During the Roman Civil War, Marc Antony invited Cleopatra to Tarsus, to ensure her support against the parties. When she was called, Cleopatra came surrounded by such greatness that Antony was impressed. Finally, they fell in love and supposedly got married.

Her death

During the war, Antony was close to be defeated, because he wasn’t properly equipped against the Romans. At this point, he was misinformed about the death of Cleopatra. As a result, he immediately committed suicide. When Cleopatra received the news of Antony’s death, she was devastated, and followed Antony by letting herself bitten by an Egyptian cobra.

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