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5 Tips For Charging Your Smartphone Faster

Charging your smarphone can sometimes be an annoying thing to do. There are a couple of solutions that will help reduce the charging process by at least half the time.

When you want to charge your phone, start by disabling all services that use a lot of energy, from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, etc.

Another solution would be switching your phone to the airplane mode or simply closing it, that if you can afford not to answer your calls during the charging.

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Another trick would be avoiding charging your phone by using another charger than the original one, which is designed to operate at the optimum level. If you decide to use another one, with a lower intensity, the charging time will definitely increase.

If you have to choose between charging your phone at the outlet or through an USB port, choose the outlet, because the USB ports operate at 2.5 – 4.5 watts, insufficient to charge your phone faster and better. If you don’t carry a charger, plug it into a USB 3.0 port, which has an output of 4.5 watts.

Another solution would be charging your phone with a mobile charger. A powerful external battery will offer you a faster charging than any other charger would.


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