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5 Smallest Countries in the World Worth Visiting

When it comes to the most fascinating and beautiful destinations in the world, size doesn’t matter. Here’s a list with the most popular and also the smallest countries on the planet, which must be visited because they have a lot of spectacular things to offer.

San Marino

5 Smallest Countries in the World Worth Visiting

San Marino has an area of only 62 square kilometers and is located in Europe, on Mount Titano, Italy. Since it is located on the Adriatic coast, it is known from the beginning that it is very popular among tourists. Republic of San Marino is known as the oldest in the world, being founded in 301. The population comprises almost 30,000 inhabitants and the Constitution of this country dates back to the 17th century. The country was conquered twice throughout the history, but both foreign occupations lasted a short time. In the old days, it was one of the poorest nations in the world, but today is one of the richest.


5 Smallest Countries in the World Worth Visiting 2

The little country called Tuvalu is located in the warm and sunny Polynesia. It measures a total of 23 square kilometers and consists of nine coral atolls. The highest point in the country is at about 5 meters above the sea level, and the population of this tropical paradise counts about 10,000 inhabitants. During the Second World War, here was a strategic military base of the allies. Scientists are not sure about how long Tuvalu will exist on earth because the sea level is increasing and the island begins to suffer from erosion.


5 Smallest Countries in the World Worth Visiting 3

Nauru, which is located on the western side of the Pacific Ocean, is regarded as the smallest island in the world, with an area of only 22 square kilometers. This country used to be called Pleasure Island and here are living around 13,000 inhabitants. This nation was once among the richest in the world, much of its wealth coming from sales of bat droppings. With the decline of the business, the nation was impoverished and the unemployment rate rose, but nevertheless this country remains a fascinating and interesting place to explore.


5 Smallest Countries in the World Worth Visiting 4

With an area measuring less than two square kilometers, Monaco is the second smallest country in the world. But here live 30,000 people, which means that this country has the highest population density on earth. Since there is no fee, many rich people settled in these places, but things have changed in the meantime. The country is administered largely by France and is under the reign of the Grimaldi family since 1200. The roots of this monarchy come from Genoa, Italy. The country is located on the French Riviera, quite close to Nice. The community here is well known for the passion for gambling, Formula 1 racing and casinos.


5 Smallest Countries in the World Worth Visiting 5

Vatican is the only nation smaller than Monaco, with an area of only 0.44 square kilometers and a population of 770 inhabitants. In fact, none of them really live in the city that lies within Rome. Vatican is regarded as the spiritual center of the Roman Catholic world. Here is the oldest and the small army in the world, known as the Swiss Guard. Here are two official languages, Italian and Latin. This city receives most emails in the world and the economy thrives off of tourism and donations.

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