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5 National Parks to Explore

National parks are great places where you can spend a vacation accompanied by a burst of adrenaline. In Britain there is a new national park called South Downs, on the beautiful southern coast. Therefore, if you love wild adventures, here’s a list for you with five national parks where adventure awaits you at every step.

Kruger Park, South Africa

5 National Parks to Explore

Probably the largest national park in the world, Kruger is extremely large, the South African giant expanse offering a real adventure in raw state. Stay in the park in one of the simple huts but with a splendid location, in order to take advantage of a memorable experience, which lasts over 24 hours and brings you face to face with the savagery. The night walks with the official who takes care of the park, will give you shivers down your spine, especially when you appear in front of a hippo or when your path intersects with that of a chameleon. Safari expeditions are organized both at dusk and dawn. The view of the sun setting beyond a herd of elephants is an experience that must not be missed.

Chincoteague Wildlife Reserve, USA

5 National Parks to Explore 2

In a land studded with stunning parks, which are known worldwide, Chincoteague remains a secret, even for Americans. Located is a faraway land, on the ocean front, between Virginia and Maryland, the park has beaches, which can be reached by bike and where there are numerous colonies of birds. The bicycle lanes cross the breathtaking scenery before reaching the coast where you can stay on one of the beaches, stretching for tens of kilometers, to stare at the Atlantic Ocean and where only birds keep you company.

New Forest, UK

5 National Parks to Explore 3

This ancient forest, dating from the time of William the Conqueror, was originally called nova foresta. Despite the fact that you can arrive here by car or by train from Southampton, Bournemouth and from London, the visitors can deviate from the road, choosing to go on crooked and well marked footpaths in the area. The ponies in New Forest roam the forest and on the paths guarded by trees you can meet with deer, bats and all six species of reptiles originating in England. It is recommended to take food with you, because in the area are few places where you can buy food and plus are somewhat isolated. But if you get there, the pubs are excellent.

Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

5 National Parks to Explore 4

The smallest national park in New Zealand gathers inside many opportunities to live an adventure, from sea kayaking to walks accompanied by a guide. The 23,000 hectares of the park include numerous paths to roam but also to pack and unpack, because you need to take water and plenty of food with you. Make sure you have proper shoes to be able to reach all access roads. If you want to try out a kayaking race, give up the cotton clothes but not the sun hat and the sunscreen cream. In the area there are several cabins available if you want to stay in the park overnight, and you have the possibility of taking guided tours for two or three days.

Torres Del Paine, Chile

5 National Parks to Explore 5

This location is definitely one of the 50 places you must see before you die. Torres Del Paine in Chile has lakes, rivers, waterfalls, glaciers and forests in which wildlife is amazing and in addition, the reservation was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The steep mountain peaks gave the park the name Torres (towers). Fishing, kayaking and rafting on foamy waters, spice up every trip to Torres Del Paine. Enter the atmosphere and admire the condors, while they are soaring to heights.

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