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5 Most Powerful Earthquakes of the Last Century

The American geologists have developed a top of the most devastating earthquakes in terms of magnitude and human victims. According to experts from Pacific Disaster Centre, there are the earthquakes:

The most devastating earthquakes in terms of magnitude

1. On May 22, 1960, Chile was hit by a 9.5 earthquake, killing 5,700 people. According to American geologists, any earthquake greater than 9 can cause tsunamis, which happened in this case; other 131 people in Japan and 61 people in Hawaii have lost their lives.

2. Four years later, on March 27, 1964, Southern Alaska was rocked by a 9.2 earthquake, followed by a tsunami. In this case, 100 people died.

3. The end of 2004 brought on December 24, a 9.1 earthquake, off Sumatra Island, in the Indian Ocean, and the tsunami swept eight other Asian countries, being considered the most devastating earthquake, so far.

4. From the series of catastrophic earthquakes that have reached the threshold of 9, the earthquake that struck on November 4, 1952, the Kamchatka Peninsula in Siberia, was horrible. After that, the tsunami struck Chile and Peru. Over 2,300 people died then.

5. The coasts of Columbia and Ecuador were hit on January 31, 1906, by an earthquake of an 8.8 magnitude and on February 27, 2010, the residents of Chile lived a terrifying experience of an earthquake of 8.8.

The worst earthquakes related to the number of human victims

According to the American geologists, the most destructive earthquake in the history of mankind is the one that hit China in 1556, when no less than 830,000 people lost their lives.

1. In the last century, most victims of an earthquake were recorded in 1976 in Tangshan, China, when 255,000 people died.

2. Equally appalling was also when after the earthquake in Sumatra, in December 2004, 227,898 people lost their lives.

3. The figure of 200,000 victims is valid for the earthquake that struck Haiyan, China in December 1920.

4. In January 2010, an earthquake in Haiti caused the death of 170,000 people.

5. In September 1923, Japan experienced an earthquake that caused the death of 142,800 people and the destruction of half of Tokyo.


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