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5 Most Famous Dresses Ever

There are not few the dresses that made history, arousing fatal passions, driving millionaires mind crazy and amazing the public separated by the geographic and cultural borders. Only some of them earned the legend status.

Nothing wears the refined print of the femininity like the perfect dress, the one that gently dresses the curves, conquers with satin touches and promises incendiary nights. The ideal dress symbolizes all the attributes of the perfect woman: power, elegance, mystery, desire. Embraced by its warmth you manage to attract all the views anywhere you are. The red carpet lies gently at the ankles caressed by the braces of some Louboutins when the dress is simply fabulous.

Why do you think that celebrities spend a whole year to choose the perfect outfit for the Oscars?  Because the dress itself is like a show.

Here are 5 most famous dresses that made the history blush and which time kept untouched on the femininity podium.

Marilyn Monroe

5 Most Famous Dresses Ever 1

If you’re thinking at a dress in which you might be a sensation, it definitely belongs to the 50’s fashion star, the actress Marilyn Monroe. In the famous movie Seven Year Itch, the diva wears a halter white dress with a generous cleavage that fluidly falls on her lascivious shapes. Want the proof? There is no man that is not familiarized with the famous picture of the actress, negligently ravaged by wind over ventilation. It’s an image that defies the conventions but apparently casual and innocent. The original belonged to William Travilla, the fashion designer, who swore to keep it in the memory of the diva. After the designer died, the dress could be bought for the enormous amount of $3,000,0000. Today it can also be reconstituted very easily, the pattern being found on the internet for sale.

Audrey Hepburn

5 Most Famous Dresses Ever 2

There’s not elegant black dress, named the little black dress more known that the gorgeous creation of Hubert Givenchy and wore with such grace and elegance by Audrey Hepburn in the famous movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s in 1961. Blake Edwards’s film, adapted by a Truman Capote novel, is even today a classic as the famous dress from the introductive scene, specially created for the actresses’ frail body. The measures of the dress, although impossible (34A – 20 – 34), were perfect for Audrey.

Today the iconic dress is on sale for a humanitarian cause with a price starting at 50,000 to 70,000 pounds.

Kate Winslet

5 Most Famous Dresses Ever 3

The third place belongs to the English actress Kate Winslet. Known under the name of “The Jump Dress” the rotten cherry color dress from the famous movie Titanic is a version of a creation from the Edwardian period, covered in silk and pearls manually sewn. The collectors have bought the dress before the last Peterman catalogue to appear.  The pattern of the designer Peterman reproduces with accuracy each detail from the original dress. There were made just a few copies but in the movie it was the original one.

The dress was specially created in a way that could contain a safety corset which the actress wore underneath during the dangerous movie scenes. The Australian crystals, the exotic pearls, 100 meters of black tulle and over 100 hours of dedicated work, were used to manually create the dress. It weighs over 2 kilos and is a size 4 created from doubles satin silk, extremely fine and easy and it keeps the mark of a crack that Kate made with her heel during the filming.

The dress is a genuine jewelry with fine craftsmanship and a thoroughly pattern that today is no longer done.

Kate Hudson

5 Most Famous Dresses Ever 4

She is the daughter of Goldie Hawn and maybe she didn’t impress us very much with her acting skills but the dress she wore in the comedy How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is part of the winners’ category. If you have a prom in a few days and you don’t know what to wear, then this particular dress is the one for you. The original dress was expensive enough so it could compete with an 84-karat diamond necklace signed by Harry Winston which Kate wore in the movie. In the same time, the satin silk emphasized Kate’s beautiful silhouette, revealing her genuine beauty. Its color is the icing on the cake, the straw-colored material being comfortable for every silhouette.

Keira Knightley

5 Most Famous Dresses Ever 5

Joe Wright’s Atonement is pure poetry. The movie director placed his lyric inspiration in every line and thoroughly arranged them into scenery dedicated to elegance, refinement and pedantry. The surprise is represented by the backless emerald colored dress worn by the character interpreted by Keira Knightly to unappeasable seduce her victim. This dress has been voted as one most popular dress of all times in a recent top created by the Instyle magazine. It clothed the actresses’ body into the shape of a butterfly, revealing an ingénue appearance. The dress is itself a romance created by Jacqueline Durran-who made it especially for the love scene between the protagonists, winning the Oscar for the best costumes in 2007.



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