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5 Major Things that You Need to Know About Fast Food

Anyone can acknowledge the fact that eating fast food is not the healthiest option, but this has not prevented the industry to expand enormously. Every day, people of all ages, from children to grandparents choose to consume fast food products. The explanation in this case seems to be very simple. Restaurants that sell this type of food are extremely accessible and cheap, and customers are served quickly.

5 Major Things that You Need to Know About Fast Food 2

In what follows, will be listed 5 curiosities about the fast food:

#In the United States are 300,000 fast food restaurants and for this reason, the American fast food industry is the biggest in the world. The good thing in all this is that over 2 million people work in the industry.

#French fries are the most popular type of fast food in America. Moreover, the menu that includes hamburgers and fries continues the mentality “meat and potatoes” that underlines the traditional American nourishment since the 18th century.

#The United States was ranked 8 in the ranking of most consumers of fast food chains, with only 35% of the population that claims eating fast food once a week or more often.

#61% of Hong Kong’s population consume this type of food at least once a week, which makes this place be the city with the highest consumption of fast food in the world.

# Due to the success of the fast food restaurants that started offering drive-thru since the 90s, the car manufacturers started making cup holders.

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