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5 Green Gadgets Inspired by Nature

The technological advance does not represent anymore a purpose of the 21st century but a mean to radically transform the everyday life and also the near future. The nature and the technology have blended in the imagination of some designers who’ve created during the past years a series of surprising gadgets. We’re about to show you 5 gadgets that contribute to a more efficient individual consumption and to the global mission of preserving the nature.

The energetic sphere

5 Green Gadgets Inspired by Nature 1

This gadget has an extraterrestrial look and can show you by just changing its colors in what way you’re consuming the energy. When the light goes green, it indicates the fact that you’re utilizing the energy rationally, but when the sphere becomes red, it’s a sign that you should disconnect from the outlet a series of devices.

The solar charger for a multitude of gadgets

5 Green Gadgets Inspired by Nature 2

This charger is a gadget that is cool and elegant and uses solar energy to charge various devices. The power supply unit is attached to the window from where it harvests solar energy, while a small cable connects the gadgets to it.

The solar charger for laptop

5 Green Gadgets Inspired by Nature 3

The solar chargers are often quite powerful for mobiles and MP3 players, but when it comes to large sized electronics like the laptop, these chargers are no longer able to cope.

This feeder has a very high capacity of capturing the sunlight and also a powerful battery. It has its own travel pouch and can charge other portable devices as well.


5 Green Gadgets Inspired by Nature 4

This gadget is in fact a battery that can be charged from an USB port. When he finished charging, all you have to do is to fix it in the port while your computer is on and it will do almost all the work with the same power that helps your computer to run.

The clock that works with water

5 Green Gadgets Inspired by Nature 5

What can be greener than using water to charge your alarm clock? With an ergonomic and slim design, this amazing gadget produces its own electricity from electrolytic cells and electrons from water. A filler feeds the watch for almost 12 weeks and after that all you have to do is to refill it. The thing is that you won’t need to reset it every time.

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