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5 Best Skiing Destinations in Europe

Innsbruck, Austria

5 Best Skiing Destinations in Europe 1

Any ski destination to host the Winter Olympics (as Innsbruck did between 1964 and 1976) certainly has the pedigree, but this resort has much to offer than roaming on skis.

Innsbruck offers miles of tracks for different levels, plus that 25 of the settlements that surround it are easily accessible by bus. Besides the slopes, the town itself is worth seeing. The capital of Tirol province, boasts a delightful architecture and wonderful Christmas fairs, while the old town or Marktplatz is filled with light. Anyone who feels capable of exploring the surroundings by foot and not on skis can admire the beauty of the landscape that unfolds before your eyes, along the 96 miles of trails that surround the city.

St. Anton, Austria

5 Best Skiing Destinations in Europe 2

The perfect destination for those who want to spend as much time on the slopes and in bars, St. Anton has become the perfect choice for skiers who want to burn the candle at both ends. There is a large number of bars and clubs here, including Krazy Kangeruh and Mooserwirt. No need to wait until nightfall for the party to begin; here, the fun makes its debut at noon and it doesn’t stop until it gets dawn. Another great thing you can have a sleigh ride through the charming Ferwall valley, early in the morning.

Chamonix, France

5 Best Skiing Destinations in Europe 3

Chamonix has a world renowned reputation, which is fully justified. The five resorts Brevent, Flegere, Grands Montets/Argentiere, Les Houches si Le Tour, each have their own characteristics and the experimented skiers in search of descents and curves full of adrenaline will not be disappointed.

Chamonix mountain rescuers allow you to ski everywhere you want, so once you got up in the ski lift with other snow sports enthusiasts, if you feel confident to venture all by yourself, it won’t be long until you will have the dazzling snow at your feet. If you want to experiment everything, without risking to get snowed, then you can use the services of a guide.

Bardonecchia, Italy

5 Best Skiing Destinations in Europe 4

 The Italian ski resort Bardonecchia is the perfect location for those who are seeking a more relaxing experience. The slopes are for both beginners and intermediates, but Bardonecchia proves to be the perfect host. Rent a car and let yourself be stolen by the lovely landscape, knowing at any moment that if you want to get back , the challenge of skiing and a quiet evening of contemplation are waiting. During the week you can rarely see people standing in line at the ski lift, but the weekend attracts many tourists from Turin.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

5 Best Skiing Destinations in Europe 5

St. Moritz is a resort that “speaks” both about the landscape and the sports on snow. Extravagant and glamorous, St. Moritz offers many attractions that cannot be found on a typical resort. If skiing becomes a routine, test your abilities in a relaxing game of golf right in the snow. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to play cricket or even polo in the snow. You must also try the variety of delicious dishes and do not forget the music festivals that are held here frequently.

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