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4 Winter Sports to Maintain Your Health

Winter is the ideal opportunity to try a new sport that will keep you fit and more than that will bring your body many benefits. The advantage of carrying out physical activities in winter is due to the snow because the effort is greater and helps to strengthen the heart and the entire cardiovascular system.

Skating is considered to be a sport that involves a variety of exercises and movements that help coordination, improve balance and flexibility and simultaneously increases the strength of the body and of the muscles. Skating is also a way to release stress and to regain emotional balance, researches showing benefits that this sport brings to our mental condition. Moreover, this sport presents the same advantages as jogging because it strengthens and shapes the lower muscles of the body and helps burn calories faster.


Skiing is one of the few sports that involve the activity of all muscles of the body. Skiing ensures harmonious development of the abdominal muscles and legs, maintaining the supply of oxygen and nutrients. This sport improves the oxygenation and increases the lung capacity, and due to low temperature, the body works twice as hard to retain the heat.

Depending on the level of intensity and the body weight, during the 6 hours of skiing, the body can burn up to 3000 calories and lose up to 5 pounds in a week. In addition, the benefits of this sport are expanding and increase immunity and improve depressive states.

4 Winter Sports to Maintain Your Health 3

Snowboarding is an intense sport that requires quick changes of direction, helping to maintain flexibility and balance. Snowboarding is easier to learn that skiing, it strengthens the lower muscles and the abdominals, and an hour of fun on the slopes helps burn 450 calories.

Practicing this sport has proven to have multiple cardiovascular benefits and it also reduces anxiety. Thus, the body releases endorphins, substances of the body that are responsible for happiness and fun, maintaining mental health and reducing stress.

4 Winter Sports to Maintain Your Health 2

 Jogging is not necessarily a winter sport, but running in the snow and the fact that you must be careful to avoid the areas with ice, lead to a more intense calorie burning, about 100 calories a mile. It is considered that a regular program of jogging can increase life expectancy by six years for men and five years for a woman.

In the practice of any sport, it is important to avoid overuse that can cause dehydration and muscle fever. Therefore, it is recommended to use hot drinks throughout the day, a healthy diet rich in nutrients and taking supplements to stimulate immunity and strengthen the body.

4 Winter Sports to Maintain Your Health 4

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