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4 Major Mistakes That Compromise The Appearance Of Your Home

12 Jan 2015 by admin

We can treat imperfection as perfection. Just as in fashion, the outfits with a sloppy but controlled appearance are appreciated, when it comes to decorating the house, we must take into account this aspect.

If you want to have an overly organized house, copied from magazines, than you should know that the personality and the originality will not be the strengths of your home. Here are 4 deco traps that you can fall into if you’re not careful.

Often, you happen to enter a house and feel like something is missing there or, on the contrary, the place seems crowded.

Do you think about renovating your house and not wanting to make major mistakes? Here are 4 rules to avoid.

#1 Too much is too much

Don’t get too excited because enthusiasm is the one that often destroys the final result. Since you want to make a change, you tend to buy too many decorations that will unnecessarily overcrowd the space. What happens next is that you will feel overwhelmed by the multitude of objects that surround you. Try not to collect too many photo frames, pillows or other decorations in the same room.

# You will kill passion by attaching your room a showroom aspect

It is inevitable not to fall in love with various set-ups when we walk in a furniture store. The problem can occurs when you tend to copy those furniture items for your home because these will be lacking of personality and life. Better yet, you could “steal” a few distinctive elements and add some of your ideas. The best thing to do is to leave the impression that your home is inhabited, meaning that you can “throw” a few magazines on the coffee table, you can leave the some books inclined in the library or you can place a blanked in a careless manner on an armchair.


#3 Give up the idea of matching your decorations

If you want to ruin a brilliant idea from the start, then all you have to do is to match all the decorations in a room. Maybe the idea sounds good, but in practice may seem rather strange, especially when an extravagant color is used. Sneak some unexpected decorations and add some small color accents in carefully selected areas.

#4 You don’t consider luminaires

You can make two big mistakes when it comes to lighting fixtures, ie either you choose those that offer too much light or those that give too little light. It is important to choose those lighting fixtures that match the decorations in the room. Choose those variants that contribute to maximizing a small space and try to draw attention to details that give your home personality.