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4 Human-Sized Nest Designs

Most incredible design ideas are often inspired by nature. Take for example the aboriginal people in Australia who were inspired by the kangaroo pouches and they devised woven garments to carry their own kids across the Outback. One of the warmest and coziest inventions inspired by the bird nests is represented by the human habitats.

Nest Beds

4 Human-Sized Nest Designs

The bed is clearly the most eloquent human adaptation of a bird’s nest. Over the time there have been created both hanging and floor-supported models.

Nest Treehouses

4 Human-Sized Nest Designs 2

There have been many attempts in expanding the nest concept beyond a bed. The “spirit nest” is a treehouse by Jayson Fann in Big Sur, California, and can serve as a good example. It is made from locally-harvested eucalyptus branches and is mean for providing an enchanting garden retreat rather than for full-time living.

If you’re thinking of visiting Sweden, visit the Tree Hotel, where you will spend a beautiful time with your two children and husband/wife.

Nest Lattices

4 Human-Sized Nest Designs 3

The Nest House by a21 studio in Thuan An, Vietnam is based on the nest concept and uses criss-crossed steel lattice in the exterior façade. Singapore is home for another nest also called Nest House, which uses an arrangement of lightweight aluminum rods in order to create a woven pattern around the home’s exterior.

Stadium-Sized Nest

4 Human-Sized Nest Designs 4

The largest structure in the world that uses the nest concept is the renowned “bird nest” stadium that was built by Herzog and DeMeuron with Ai Weiwei for the 2008 Olympics.

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