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3 Beneficial Effects of Moderate Beer Consumption

A moderate consumption of beer, combined with a diet based on fish, fruit, vegetables and olive oil, can have a positive role in the fight against type II diabetes.

This positive effect is due to vitamins, folic acid, iron and calcium that are found in this drink. Here are the other 3 effects on the body:

Combats kidney stones

An amount of 660 ml/day of beer for men and 330 ml/day of beer for women with an alcohol concentration of 5% may reduce the risk of kidney stones by 40% due to the low alcohol and the amount of water in the beer.

Reduces de risk of cataract

Brown beer can decrease the risk of cataract up to 50%. Antioxidants present in beer protect the cells in the eyes name mitochondria. If damaged, these can lead to an increased incidence of the cataract, transforming glucose into energy.

Protects the body from Parkinson

Parkinson is a progressive neurological disease that involves the reduction of the number of neurons, and beer contains a large quantity of purine, which can work synergistically with the ethanol to increase the level of uric acid in the metabolism. A possible explanation of the role the beer has in preventing this disease is related to its natural ingredients.

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