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1938 Dating Tips For Single Women

The way women behave in public with men, during meetings, has changed a lot in recent years. There was a time when unmarried ladies had to follow certain rules in order to obtain an auspicious date with a potential suitor. Some gestures were considered gaudy and others were practically forbidden to be made in public.

1938 Dating Tips For Single Women

Here are ten tips that single women received in 1938 in the Click Photo-Parade magazine.

#1. Get dressed inside your boudoir to maintain attraction. Be ready when your man arrives at home because you don’t want him to wait for you. Greet him with a smile!

#2. Do not ever look bored, even if you are. Be alert and if you have to chew a gum (preferable not) do this thing quietly, with your mouth closed.

#3. Men don’t like women that borrow their handkerchiefs and stain them with lipstick. Makeup is done in private.

#4. Negligent women are not attractive to men. Don’t talk while dancing, because when a man dances, all he wants to do is to dance.

#5. If you need a bra, wear one. Do not lift the griddle of your clothes and pay attention to your stockings because you don’t want them to be rippled.

#6. Do not use the rear view mirror to fix your makeup in the car. Your man needs it when he is driving and the fact that he has to fix it to see what’s happening behind the car, annoys him very much.

#7. Don’t get too familiar with your escort, caressing your man in public. Any way of showing affection in public is considered to be gaudy and it usually makes him feel ashamed and humiliated.

#8. Don’t get to close to the waiter, talking with him about the fun you got with someone when you were last time in that place. Men deserve and want your full attention.

#9. Don’t talk about clothes and don’t try to explain your man how your new dress looks like. Flatter him and only talk about the things he wants to talk.

#10. Don’t get too sentimental and don’t try to make him say something that he doesn’t want to say by emotionally blackmailing him. Men don’t like tears, especially in public.

#11. Don’t drink too much, given that a man expects  you to maintain your dignity throughout the entire evening. Drinking alcohol can make some girls seem intelligent, but most of them make a foul out of themselves.

#12. If you end up passing out from alcohol, most likely that man will never call you again.


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