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18 Essential Life Lessons from the Dalai Lama

21 Oct 2014 by admin

18 Essential Life Lessons from the Dalai Lama

#1 Embrace and accept the fact that love and achievements that really matter often involve great risks.

#2 When you happen to lose, you must learn the lesson that life give you.

#3 Keep in mind the three R’s: respect yourself, respect those around you, take responsibility for your actions.

#4 Think about that when you don’t get what you want it may be for your own good.

#5 Learn the rules in order to break them properly.

#6 Avoid ruining a friendship for a simple argument.

#7 When you make a mistake, do your best to correct it as soon as possible.

#8 Take time every day to be with yourself.

#9 Embrace the change but hold on to your values.

#10 Sometimes silence is the best answer and we all need to let things come naturally.

#11 Direct your life towards kindness and honor. When you get older, you’ll be able to think about your life and savor it for the second time.

#12 The pleasant atmosphere you create in your home is basically the foundation of the life you live.

#13 When you fight with people you love, try to manage the current issues and don’t permit the past be part of your present.

#14 Share the knowledge you own with others, for it is the only way you can become immortal.

#15 Be kind with the Earth.

#16 Once a year go visit a new place.

#17 Note that the most beneficial relationship is that in which you love for each other is beyond mutual need.

#18 Weigh your success depending on the compromises made.