Gangkhar Puensum is considered to be the 40th highest peak in the world due to the fact that is 7.570 meters high and because it’s also the highest mountain in Bhutan. Maybe it will sound almost unrealistic, but Gangkhar Puensum still remains unclimbed, despite the fact that most peaks in the Himalaya have already been scaled many years ago.

It’s located approximately on the border of Bhutan and Tibet, and we state approximately because in 1922 when the mountain was firs mapped, the maps of the region were inexact. One of the first teams that attempted to conquer it was unable to locate the mountain, which means that its location is tricky.
This mountain opened itself up to mountaineering in 1983, until then not being registered any kind of activity due to the fact that everyone believed that towering mountains were home for the spirits. But when it opened its doors for mountaineering, four expeditions were organized, between 1985 and 1986, and all four failed to succeed.

The peak still remains unsurveyed by Bhutan itself because it seems that the country has no interest in doing it.
Because of the strong security from the government and of the lack of rescue support, the mountain is doomed to remain unclimbed for a very long time.

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