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15 Unusual and Mysterious Forests

6 Aug 2014 by admin

Crooked Forest, Poland

There are a couple of legends around this forest, which talk about the fact that the trees were manipulated to grow this way, or that a WWII tank ran over the trees when they were young and broke them without killing them. Nevertheless the only sure thing we know about these trees in Gryfino Poland is that fact that they were planted in the 1930’s.

15 Unusual and Mysterious Forests 1

Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar

The group of Baobab trees is one of the region’s most popular attractions. These 800 years old giants can store up to 31,700 gallons of water, and they stand as a proof of the magnificent forest that once stood there.

15 Unusual and Mysterious Forests 2

Sunken Forest, Kazakhstan

The earthquake in 1911 was a natural disaster that caused a landslide, which caused the creation of a natural dam. The spruce trees that are partially submerged in the Lake Kaindy, have their lower halves below the surface almost perfectly preserved.

15 Unusual and Mysterious Forests 3

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Dragon Blood Forest, Socotra Island

It is called the “most alien landscape on the planet”. If we compare the flat-topped Dragon’s Blood Trees with other tree species, we’ll see that plants don’t quite grow the same way on the island off the coast of Yemen.

15 Unusual and Mysterious Forests 4

Rainbow Eucalyptus Forest, Maui

One of the most vibrant and colorful tress is the Rainbow Eucalyptus, which is found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Its colors change as it ages, from bright green, to maroon, purple, blue, orange tones and brown. Then it is shed and the process starts over.

15 Unusual and Mysterious Forests 5

The Crooked Bush, Saskatchewan

The trees of the Crooked Bush in Canada are writhing and twisting in all directions. According to a sign that is installed in the forest, the grove of aspen trees is a “botanical mystery” and also a natural treasure. Another odd thing it suggests is that aliens may have been involved.

15 Unusual and Mysterious Forests 6

Yili Apricot Valley, China

Puffy sea of pink and white cover the rolling hills in Xinjiang every year. The flowering of the largest groves of apricots in the region signifies the beginning of the fruiting season.

15 Unusual and Mysterious Forests 7

Jabuticaba Forest, Brazil

The Jabuticaba, also known as the “Brazilian Grape Trees” grow berries along the entirety of their trunks. These purple fruits are eaten raw or made into drinks and preserves.

15 Unusual and Mysterious Forests 8

The Dancing Kaliningrad Forest, Baltic Sea

Also known as the “Dancing Forest” or the “Drunken Forest”, these trees look like their mission is to tie themselves in knots. The accepted theory about these strange trees is that the high winds that sweep the land shaped them over time.

15 Unusual and Mysterious Forests 9

Wollemi Forest, New South Wales

The Wollemi Forest in New South Wales is the only known home of the Wollemi Pine, which was believed to have been extinct for over 30 million years.

15 Unusual and Mysterious Forests 10

Deadvlei Forest, Namibia

This place looks like an almost unreal picture, more like a paintings drawn by a skilled artist. Almost 900 years ago, these camel thorn trees in Deadvlei sprouted after an intense rain and after the water evaporated the trees remained dead. The dry climate stopped the trees from decaying and now they feature a black color because of the sun over the centuries.

15 Unusual and Mysterious Forests 11

Monkey Puzzle Forest, Chile

A Monkey Puzzle Tree looks like a palm tree that had a baby with a pineapple. This tree is considered a living fossil and it is cultivated for its wood and edible seeds. Due to the fact that the global population of these trees has waned, they are now considered endangered as of 2013.

15 Unusual and Mysterious Forests 12

The Great Banyan, India

The 3,300 “trees” of this forest are actually the aerial roots of one single 250 year old Banyan tree. The main truck of the gigantic tree was removed in 1925, but the remains of the tree still live and are sprawling over an area of 4 acres.

15 Unusual and Mysterious Forests 13

Son Doong Forest, Vietnam

This forest is found entirely underground, inside the largest known cave in the world.

15 Unusual and Mysterious Forests 14

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

The “Sea of Trees” in Japan is known as the single most popular place in the entire country to commit suicide. Every year between 50-150 suicides occur in this forest.

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