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10 Things You Should Never Do in a Restaurant

Good manners should be owned by all people, just as waiters must be polite to those who step the threshold of their restaurant. Here are some things that would be appropriate not to do when eating out.

10 Things You Should Never Do in a Restaurant

To sit at a table near closing time

It is not common sense to enter the restaurant 5 minutes before closing time and to order just because you’re glad you found it open. You must take into account the approaching closing time and the fact that employees must start cleaning the place. It may be that the kitchen is already closed.

To sit down before the table is cleaned

If you sit at the table before the employees clean it, that doesn’t mean that you can order faster. Moreover, you make the waiter’s work harder.

Do not change the baby at the table

Some even do this without minding the others. Why do you think people want to eat at the same time you change the diapers of your child? Find out where is the proper place for these procedures.

Accompanied by family dog

The restaurant where people eat is not a place for animals, unless you are somewhere on a terrace or in a special place where your dog has its own special corner. Animals have no fault that owners don’t know some simple rules.

10 Things You Should Never Do in a Restaurant 3

The small and restless kids

How many times have you seen a scene in which the parents arrived at a restaurant and released their kids like they were on the playground? Cases have happened when they came across the waiter who carried the tray or hit another customer. The fact is that the right thing to do is to leave them with someone at home or to take them to the restaurant only if you’re sure he’ll listen and stay put.

Rude to the waiter

If food is not as you wanted, you don’t have to blame to waiter for it. Talk calmly. Maybe he had a hard time as you. Treat him as you would want to be treated.

10 Things You Should Never Do in a Restaurant 2

Inappropriate gestures

It is indecent to whistle after the waiters when you want something, to touch them or to call them like they were your friends of a lifetime. Decency and politeness are important.


If you want to catch the movie to which you have tickets, leave the house a little earlier to eat. Calculate your time well. No need to hurry just because you don’t have time.

Sitting at the table after paying the note

If it’s almost closing time and you didn’t finish your cup of wine and you paid the note, you should think about leaving because the employees want to clean up the place and go home. But if the restaurant is full, you paid and you still want to occupy that chair, you should think about the fact that there are other people waiting in line and you must not think that the waiters who ask you to live are rude. Time is money…for them.

To say you are ready to order when you haven’t chosen anything yet

Undecided people are really annoying. They call the waiter several times in a row, but they still can’t decide what to order. Have you rented the restaurant for yourself and the others didn’t know about that?


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