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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Oscars

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Oscars 1

Just a little bit longer and we’ll know who the Oscar winners this year are. Until then let’s find out some interesting information about the history of this big event.

  1. Walt Disney won the most Oscars. He went home with 22 statuettes after he was nominated 59 times. Between 1942 and 1963 he was nominated at least once every year.  He can even make two soccer teams on his living room carpet with the statuettes.
  2. Titanic, Ben-Hur and Lord of the Rings are the movies with the biggest success at the Oscars. Each one won 11 statuettes. But just Lord of the Rings won all the prizes; Titanic has lost on three categories and Ben-Hur just in one.
  3. The Color Purple (1986) and The Turning Point (1978) are the big losers at the Oscars. They haven’t won any prize despite the fact that they were nominated on 11 categories each.
  4. Only Peter Finch and Heath Ledger were given the posthumously Best Actor award.
  5. The longest film which was given an award is Gone with the Wind-1939 (234 minutes) and the shortest one Marty-1955 (91 minutes). Imagine yourself four hours in a chair.
  6. The youngest male winner for the best actor was Adrien Brody– 29 years old in The Pianist 2002. The youngest female winner was Marlee Matlin-21 years old in Children of a Lesser God 1986.
  7. Just two silent movies won the big award until now: Wings-192 and The Artist-2012.
  8. James Dean is the only person who was posthumously nominated twice. He never won.
  9. Meryl Streep is the queen of the Oscars, with 17 nominations and 3 awards.
  10. Only one person named Oscar won an Oscar. The composer Hammerstein the second.

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