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10 Most Dangerous Fish in the World

Fish are considered to be some of the most beautiful creations of nature, especially if we think of the tropical ones, beautifully colored that delight the eye of the beholder. We must not forget that there are some species that are among the most deadly on earth.

The shark is a “little kid” compared to other fish species that are more dangerous.

Electric eel

10 Most Dangerous Fish in the World

This creature can produce, when attacked, an electric shock with a voltage of 600 volts, enough to kill a human or any other being.

Tiger fish

10 Most Dangerous Fish in the World  2

The tiger fish is a ferocious predator. Helped by his sharp teeth like razors and by its hunter abilities, the tiger fish eats large animals. It is found mainly in Congo and Tanganyika rivers in Africa.

Goonch fish

10 Most Dangerous Fish in the World 3

Goonch fish is found in Kali River, located between Nepal and India. What makes it really dangerous is the fact that it likes the taste of human flesh, this fish being the main culprit for the disappearance of people in the area of Kali River.

Stone fish

10 Most Dangerous Fish in the World 4

The stone fish is one of the most dangerous and weird fish. His aspect similar to one of a stone makes it invisible until you step on it, which can be fatal for anybody because it is known as the owner of one of the most powerful poisons. Its bite can be deadly after long hours of terrible torments and it seems that there is no antidote for that.

Snakehead fish

10 Most Dangerous Fish in the World 5

Snakehead fish is originating in Russia, China and Korea, but can also be found in the ecosystems of other countries. When it reaches a lake, this fish eats everything that is alive in the water. After “cleaning” the water, it heads towards other water.

Vandellia Cirrhosa


It owns a 2.5 cm length and a 3.5 mm thickness, being attracted like a magnet to the sources of food, blood and urine.

Vandellia easily penetrates the anus, vagina or penis and begins to feed, causing excruciating pain to the victim. What is really scary is that most times, amputation is the only remedy to get rid of this predator.


10 Most Dangerous Fish in the World 7

Although small, these fish originated in South America and Brazil are extremely dangerous, their bite and their voracity being well known.

Hedgehog fish

10 Most Dangerous Fish in the World 8

Hedgehog fish is known for its deadly poison, being considered the second in the world after that of the golden frog. The liver, the ovaries, the intestines and the skin of this fish are a real tank of tetrodotoxin, a substance that affects the brain, causing paralysis or death.

Box jellyfish

10 Most Dangerous Fish in the World 9

Box jellyfish is totally different compared to the other members of its species, with a highly developed nervous system and two real eyes. It is one of the most poisonous sea creatures, its venom being able to kill a human in minutes by inhibiting cardiac function.


10 Most Dangerous Fish in the World 10

Payara known as the vampire fish is a predator more dangerous than the piranha. Paray can reach over a meter in length. The nickname comes from its two prominent fags plus the extremely sharp teeth.

To realize its potential, you must know that it is the only fish able to eat the dangerous piranha.

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