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10 Most Amazing Places on Earth

28 Jan 2014 by admin

These are phenomena that defy the reality! This is the way the landscapes that are included in this top can be described best.

Pamukkale, Turkey

10 Most Amazing Places on Earth

In translation from Turkish, Pamukkale means “Cotton Castle”. The area has previously hosted the ancient city of Hierapolis, and some of the graves of the old town became part of the view. The ethereal landscape consists of a series of travertine and hot springs, giving the impression of a spotless white.

Ice Towers of Mount Erebus, Antarctica

10 Most Amazing Places on Earth 4

Mount Erebus is one of the largest active volcanoes on Earth. Amounts to almost 4 km above the sea level and forms permanently new volcanic circles, due to the continuous leakage of lava. The extremely hot volcanic gas that comes out through the cracks and the volcano craters has formed a system of ice caves all over the mountain.

Geyser in Nevada, USA

10 Most Amazing Places on Earth 5

It may seem like a landscape detached from another planet or from the set of a science fiction movie, but in reality this landscape exists on earth, more exactly in Nevada, USA. The geyser is located in Hualapai Valley near Gerlach. It is a phenomenon little known by the general public and this is because the land on which it was formed is a private property. It can be seen only from a distance, from State Road 34. In 1916, the land owners have drilled there, hoping to find water and turn the desert into an agricultural area. They found the water and the method worked for decades. But through drilling they reached a “bag” of thermal water and the result was this geyser.

Kasha Katuwe Rocks, New Mexico

10 Most Amazing Places on Earth 7

Now a national monument of America, the rocks were formed by the erosion of the formations resulted from the volcanic eruptions 6 -7 million years ago. Although they are uniform, the rocks vary in height.

Valley of the Moon, Argentina

10 Most Amazing Places on Earth 8

Ischigualasto or “the place where you put the moon” is an isolated valley in Argentina. It is full of circular rocks “sculpted” by the strong winds, which look like huge balls. The area was extremely fertile in the past but now is arid and contains so many fossils of plants and animals that it has become a common destination for paleontologists worldwide.

Danxia geological formations, China

10 Most Amazing Places on Earth 10

The geological phenomenon can be seen in many parts of China. The above picture is taken in Zhangye, Gansu province. Danxia, which means “reddish could” in Chinese, is a type of red sandstone that has eroded over time, giving rise to rocks with strange shapes.

Enchanted Fountain– Chapada Diamantina National Park Brazil

10 Most Amazing Places on Earth 12

Paco Encantado or the Enchanded Fountain is located in Bahia, about 400 km from the capital Salvador. The giant fountain is 36.57 meters deep and the water is so clean that you can even distinguish the rocks from the ancient tree trunks. The lake is naturally protected due to the rare and delicate ecosystem.

Stone Forest, China

10 Most Amazing Places on Earth 13

Shilin, the Chinese term for the stone forest, is an impressive example of karstic topography. The rocks are actually limestone eroded by water. It is known since Ming Dynasty as the first wonder of the world.

Wulingyan Hunan, China

10 Most Amazing Places on Earth 16

The geological wonder consists of over 3,000 limestone karsts.  The landscape is full of dramatic waterfalls and some of the largest limestone caves in Asia.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

10 Most Amazing Places on Earth 18

It is one of the iconic images of Bolivia – a massive salt desert in the middle of the Altiplano (the high plateau in the Andes Mountains). The desert, extremely stretched, reflects the sun rays and it is formed the illusion of a mirror that reflects the sky. In the desert there are several strange colored lakes created by the mineral deposits in the area.