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10 Best Things Successful People Do During Lunch

I know that you’re constantly complaining about the lack of time and that you always eat in a hurry in front of your computer because you think that in this way you’ll manage to do your tasks quicker. Well, according to some intelligent people, eating lunch while having your eyes glued to your computer screen is not very healthy.

Lunch breaks are a good opportunity for you to recharge your batteries, to relax and to clear your head from all the problems and thoughts you’ve gathered over the day. It’s a good opportunity for socializing, making new friends, making time for your own family or just take some time for yourself. A 30 minutes break will guarantee you a better state of mind and a better perspective about your work.

The workplace stress level is on the rise and that’s why many people don’t have time for lunch and often skip it. Only 19% of workers in the U.S. and Canada take lunch breaks away from their desks and that’s a pretty worrying thing.

Did you know that bad lunch habits can make us be even more stressed?

10 Best Things Successful People Do During Lunch 2

If you want to get on the right track you should obey these ten things that super successful people do during lunch:

1. They take lunch out of their desks

Michael Kerr, the president of Humor at Works said in an interview for Forbes that he is aware of the danger of sitting too long and the fact that you move even just to walk to another room to eat is very important.

2. They leave their offices for a walk outside

A walk in the park is just what you need when you feel overwhelmed.  The fresh air will help rejuvenate the mind and after a couple of minutes of relaxation you will pay more attention to your work.

3.  They take their time to exercise

For Steve Cooper, the editor-in-chief of Hitched Magazine, running during his lunch break every day is very important because he says that after his runs he has more energy for the rest of the day and his mind is sharp again and ready to face the challenges all over again.

4.  Reading is also an important activity

Tor Myhren, the advertising executive at E-Trade says that reading and watching films helps you gather information that in your brain will create an inspiration overload that during lunch will be processed and will provide brand new ideas for your projects.

5.  Eating healthy

According to a recent study, those who eat healthy food are 25% more likely to be high performers at work than those who eat junk food.

6Don’t over-eat!

Over-eating determines your body to produce too much insulin, which leads to lowering your blood sugar and making you tired or even depressed.

7.  Eating lunch with friends and colleagues

Lunch is the best time for you to socialize and to exchange opinions, that’s why it is recommended to never eat lunch by yourself. It helps you improve your self-esteem and makes you more confident about your social life.

8. Lunch with the enemies

During lunch you can even make friends with your worst enemy. Spirits get calmed down when the food is good and the atmosphere is nice. So, whenever you want to alleviate a conflict, you should invite your enemy to lunch.

9.  Listening to music

Listening to music is a great way through which you can distress your mind and you can look at things from another angle. It causes mental distraction, it reduces muscle tension and it also decreases the stress level.

10. Taking a nap

Daytime naps are excellent for improving your cognitive performance. By taking a good nap you can regain most of your lost energy and you can help your mind get a restart.

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