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10 Amazing Things About Air Travelling

Without any doubt, air traveling has come a long way from the Wright Brothers until now.

There are 10 million commercial flights a year just in the USA, 9.801.116 to be more precise, according to the U.S Department of Transportation.

The commercial airplanes are faster than always. A Boeing 777-200LR can travel 17.370 km at a maximum speed of 560mph, at a cruise altitude of 10.668.

The experimental unmanned hypersonic aircrafts can go faster (much faster). The Hypersonic X-43A can reach o speed exceeding 11.265 km per hour, nine times faster than the speed of sound.

The modern jet engines could turn the Titanic into a motorboat. The new GE90 engine generates traction of 58.014 kg, more than a rocket and Titanic together.

These complicated buttons can make the airplane fly alone, literally. Today, even the small planes are equipped with a digital pilot and a flight director.

10 Amazing Things About Air Travelling 7

Even the bathrooms are high-tech. Some airplanes, such as Boeing 787 Dreamliner has hands free sinks.

Some commercial aircrafts are so big that can carry 500 passengers, Airbus A380 include 525 seats.

The U.S annual fuel consumption is greater than 20 billion gallons. To produce the same energy for 9 kg of aviation fuel, you need a ton of batteries.

Only the electric airplanes represent reality and could dominate the future. Although they are still at an early stage, they exist. Pipistrel G4’s Taurus can travel 322 km in less than 2 hours, with a power that equals less than one gallon of fuel per passenger.

The commercial spatial flight is (almost) a reality. You can pay to travel to space. Companies like Virgin Galactic try to build and maintain a commercial spatial airplane that will take tourists to 112 km above the earth for short flights to space. Other companies, such as Golden Spike and Planetary Resources Inc. try to privatize monthly shipments and the asteroids exploitations.

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